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MUCC has been attracting attention for its incredible quality holding elaborate audience-free live streaming performances.

They have performed live streams that were rapidly released in June and September.
Now, MUCC has announced its next live broadcast.
They continue to deliver special programs tailored to each member’s birthday.

This time the title is “FROM THE MOTHERSHIP” and as the name suggests, it will be streamed from the mother ship of music production recording studio.

The live broadcasts will be performed in high-quality sound and video.
This time the live stream will be delivered from the recording studio, so there is no doubt it will have amazing sound quality.

The most exciting news of all is that MUCC is planning to perform a new song!

Since the venue is different from where MUCC usually perform live, such as a live house or a hall, the production and concept will be a bit different and unique.

MUCC is racing ahead with their plans to play the Budokan on Sunday, December 27 at the end of the year, but it’s unpredictable what will happen next, so for the time being please enjoy this live stream brought to you by Recosta.